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AGCO strives to identify and invest in innovative and disruptive solutions that have the potential to move global agriculture forward.

About AGCO iVenture Summit

Agri-tech startups help accelerate the development of modern agriculture by providing novel solutions and contributing to global food security. Operating on the intersection of technology and agriculture, agri-tech entrepreneurs focus on innovative ideas along the agricultural value chain ranging from big data, cloud software, and robotics to new crops development, irrigation solutions, smart fertilizing, urban farming, and many others.

Trends shaping the future of food and agriculture often form the basis for innovative startups: a new generation of tech-savvy farmers, who value novel data management tools and diagnostic systems that help to make their farms more productive; the influential end-consumer, who now, more than ever before, is more interested in health and nutrition; or governmental policies that stress the importance of environmental sustainability. In addition to specific trends or requirements, the common denominator driving innovation in agriculture is the need to increase global agricultural productivity to feed a rapidly growing world population.

Venture Capitalists have recognized the long-term opportunity of the agricultural sector and are increasingly investing in agri-tech startups. This is a positive sign for pioneering startups looking for seed or growth funding. While agriculture is still regarded as a niche for specialist investors only, more and more mainstream investors are looking into new food and agriculture ventures.

The iVenture Summit initiated by AGCO and its partners targets innovators and visionaries who actively shape the future of agriculture by creating disruptive solutions that have the potential to move global agriculture forward. The iVenture Summit wants to strengthen the innovation culture in the agricultural community and strives to help innovators getting access to industry thought leaders, partners, and funding to ultimately help them bring new technologies to the market. The objective is to bring the right people together and build successful partnerships for a bright future and contribute to global food security.